Will This Post Make Sense?

I paid for this domain, I should probably blog once in a while…..-me

So. It is Friday, December 8th 2017 11:00PM, and I guess I felt that now is the time to return to the blogging world.

I don’t think this post will be comprehensive or invigorating in any way, but my week has been riddled with anxiety, and I haven’t done much about it, so why not write something, yeah?

A quick update would tell that I have completed my Masters thesis! Which means that I have (hopefully) completed my Masters degree! Yay! So……..now what, lol? The answer is a big, fat, whopping I DON’T KNOW. BUT, the year has a couple of weeks left to go, I have a birthday coming up, and plans to spend some time focusing on myself and my goals, so I have faith that come 2018, I’ll have some fun things in store (and to write about)!

Now, I can say that I’ve spent a lot of hours “researching” some things that I may be interested in. I’ve started like 3 books, a couple podcasts, watched a few movies, taken a liking to some new tv shows, started keeping my eye on a few peoples’ whose careers I *think* I admire…. Essentially, I have a lot of things I’m interested in, but I haven’t quite got to a point of focus (much like this blogpost, lol). I’m just a girl with a lotta big, fat ideas rn, and I have a lot of hope that this girl with a lotta big, fat ideas will get her life together real quick and have some quality content to share with ya(:

On that note, I think that is the extent of my my writing capacity at this hour……this is the most comprehensive thing i’ve written in the weeks since completing my over 25,000 word thesis, which still blows my mind, and I’m having flashbacks, so I think I’ll quit while I’m ahead.

If I don’t come back before 2018, happy holidays to everyone! I look forward to some fun content and interaction in the months coming. Much Love.

Moriah Camille (aka Dj Momo)

**we’re gonna work on this signature, too. #consistency**

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